Isle of Bute Artists' Collective

General Data Protection Regulations Policy Isle of Bute Artist Collective 2023/24

This notice is for all members, operational partners and followers of Isle of Bute Artist Collective (IBAC). It applies to the processing of your personal data by IBAC.

The appointed data controller for IBAC is Alison Clark who can be contacted by using the email address admin@butestudiotrail.com.

We are a small, voluntary, not-for-profit organisation. The only people who have access to data provided by members, advertisers and sponsors attend/support the IBAC committee. The only people who have access to data provided by supporters and followers of IBAC (members of the general public) are the data controller and chair. Information held on members can be shared with other members only after express permission from members, with the option to opt out.

The only personal information that will be stored on artists and makers is that provided as part of the IBAC application process, data that is printed for public use in our brochure/on our website and data required to take part in exhibitions/associated activities arranged by IBAC. Please note that some committee members may retain written records where these are required to organise the IBAC Open Studio Trail and associated activities. Your data will be used to enable individuals on the committee to communicate directly with IBAC members. Data stored on advertisers and sponsors will relate only to the agreement and development of adverts/funding.

Data stored on supporters and followers will only include information provided by supporters and followers for the purpose of staying in touch with IBAC activities/receipt of prizes etc. We do not use encryption, but the chair and data controller only use technology that is password protected. Where supporters and followers provide written contact information, this will be stored and then destroyed when no longer relevant to any IBAC activity.

No information provided by anyone will be shared with a third part without specific permission unless it is required for the organisation of an IBAC activity (eg sharing artists' information with galleries or venue providers during group exhibitions and events).

Data will only be stored and processed when it is reasonably required for the organisation and success of the IBAC Open Studio Trail/associated events organised by IBAC in any current or subsequent year.

You can request for any personal data held on you to be deleted/destroyed at any time. Please do this via our contact form.

This policy will be reviewed annually with any changes in legislation being taken into account.

Date of next review – January 2024