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Mike Hislop

Isle of Bute Fused Glass Art

Fused Glass Artist



Glass with a past.  Up-cycled and repurposed beautiful fused glass art.

In my Port Bannatyne based kiln-forming studio I create abstract fully fused glass art, along with more specific structured glass art, all using up-cycled and repurposed glass.  By fusing glass in my large kiln, unique and beautiful contemporary designs are produced for framed, mounted or freestanding art pieces, and also one-off unique jewellery.

What is Fused Glass?

Glass fusing is a process of melting and shaping pieces of glass into a desired form by heating them in a kiln. This technique is used to create decorative items, functional objects, and artistic pieces.

The process starts with selecting pieces of glass of various colours and textures, which are then cut and arranged on a flat surface. They are then placed in a kiln, where they are slowly heated to a temperature high enough to cause the glass to fuse together. The temperature and time the glass is kept in the kiln will depend on the type of glass used and the desired outcome.

Once the glass has been heated to the proper temperature, it is slowly cooled down, also known as annealing, to reduce stress and ensure that the finished piece is strong and durable. After annealing, the fused glass can be shaped further by using tools, coldworking techniques, or additional heating.

Glass fusing is a versatile and creative technique that allows for a wide range of possibilities in terms of colour, texture, and form. From small jewellery pieces to larger multi-layer pieces, glass fusing has become a popular art form, enjoyed by artists and hobbyists alike.

Through using upcycled offcuts of coloured glass, supplied to me from large producers, the process offers a very environmentally friendly and sustainable product. It also offers a product that can be passed from generation to generation.