Isle of Bute Artists' Collective

Elspeth McVey

Ascog Wool

Natural Wool Designs



I grew up on a family farm on Bute and have carried on supporting and diversifying farm produce from field to fashion and furnishings.

Making the most of the landscape we stock native breeds of sheep which graze outdoors all year round and also give an amazing range of natural colours. The fleeces are sorted by shade and spun into yarn to produce a sustainable and traceable source of material which can then me made into unique and interesting things.

I'm self taught in dress making and have learned knitting from relatives from a young age. I've also managed to find independent experts who can also help me turn my ideas for the fleeces into all sorts of items to wear or furnish around the house.

Herringbone throw, 120 cm x 195 cm, Natural fawn and grey Shetland wool, woven by Bute Fabrics

150 cm x 210 cm blanket in creamy Cheviot and grey Shetland border

Machine knitted stripy scarf, in natural dark brown and white Shetland wool, 80 cm x 165 cm

Hebridean Jacket

Felted Shetland Fleece with felted mat

Stole from Bute, Woven by Bute Fabrics, Natural Shetland wool