‘Promises’ is uniquely designed and handmade silver jewellery by Debbie Willett. All pieces are made in the studio in Port Bannatyne. The designs are inspired by the beautiful scenery on Bute and the nature all around. Debbie has a love of miniature, the unusual and flowers. Also appearing in the studio are the Port Mice which are wee felt mice who are very mischievous.


Debbie was originally born in Bute has been studying silversmithing and jewellery design with Glasgow School of Art for the last 10 years. Debbie's silver jewellery trades under the name of Promises.

Working from her studio in Port Bannatyne, she uses the inspiration of the shore and the scenery to inspire her.  The designs are sometimes classic, sometimes quirky, but always unique, and hand formed or finished. Debbie is always happy to discuss designs and ideas with customers.

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