Isle of Bute Artists' Collective

Alison Clarke

Bute Crafts

Textile artist

Venue 14



Fortunate enough to work in a studio looking out over the water to the mainland, this view, or versions of it, often appear in my work, but I also find inspiration in more abstract places. Colour or colour contrasts will often start me off on a particular project.

Mostly using a sewing machine and the free motion technique - in effect 'drawing' with thread. I use textiles, thread, beads, metal, paper and found objects. If I can get it under my sewing machine needle I will have a go at incorporating it into bags, wall hangings, jewellery, cards and other creations.

In recent years I have also used felt more, it’s a wonderful medium to work with. Becoming a granny a few years ago, I made a string of elves for my grandson and that was the start of an elf invasion. Literally hundreds of elves later they are still proving popular, as are the felt wizards!

Another technique I particularly like is layering different materials and then stitching into them. This way of working can often turn rather garish fabrics into much subtler creations which can then be further worked on with heat or paint. Subtle is not usually my main aim as I am very fond of glitter and also gold paint, so these are often used to finish off a piece. Rather than useful, most of what I make is intended to give joy. I enjoy making it, I hope you will enjoy seeing it.


layered, torn organza and lots of stitching

A peek into my studio

Hearts Wall hanging

fabric layered, stitched, cut up, edged and re-assembled

A detail from the Hearts wall hanging

Meadow (unfinished)

Torn fabric layered and stitched then painted then more stitching.

A5 Book Cover

Layered stitched fabric

A5 Book Cover

Layered stitched fabric with appliqued fish

A5 Book Cover

Layered stitched fabric with embroidered pattern

A6 Book Cover

Layered stitched fabric embroidered pattern

Scottish Wizards Assemble!

Felt with attitude.

Mezza Luna Earrings

Beaded, hand coloured fabric. Very light to wear.

Elf Garland

A string of 5 Felt elves - many other colours!


Felt mouse

Miss Christmouse

Felt Mouse